What I have learned after installing Windows 11

Written by elwood
  1. Windows 11 media creation tool is very, very buggy… You should have a lot of patience and luck to create a working bootable USB stick.
  2. The Windows 11 installation process is also buggy. The result (whether the installation will complete or fail) depends on what you choose in the keyboard layout and/or language packs select boxes.
  3. Surprisingly, you still don’t need a Microsoft account to proceed with OS installation. However, you have to know how to avoid this requirement (you can simply enter a local username and ignore the error).
  4. Hardware detection sometimes doesn’t work, and you will likely have troubles with the activation process.
  5. Windows Update is as buggy as usual. During the first install it didn’t finish successfully, but after 3 or 4 reinstalls it finally finished OK.
  6. If you need to change the keyboard repeat rate, you have to run a custom command to launch the settings app O_O
  7. Sometimes OS starts to utilize 15% CPU in idle mode, and it doesn’t stop until you reboot your computer.
  8. There is the Hibernate mode that activates automatically while computer sleeping. To disable it, I removed Hibernate from allowed modes using this guide